Therapy Process

Postural Therapy is now regarded as the #1 Treatment for Chronic Pain. No more repetitive, expensive therapy or surgery, that gives you temporary or no relief. We specialise in and have a 100% record of relieving major joint pain; Backs, Knees, Hips and Shoulders. No drugs, no surgery, no repetitive therapy. Just simply getting you back in alignment. Good posture basically means your bones are in good alignment. Pain in the body is generally caused by your bones being out of alignment. It causes cartilage to wear, discs to bulge, nerves to be pinched and muscles/tendons to strain. It also affects your respiratory, digestive and lymphatic systems and can cause headaches, migraines and fatigue. The key, well known fact is, only ‘Muscles Move Bones’. So there is no other way to get back into alignment then training your muscles to do it. Postural Therapy re-educates your muscles to pull your bones back in alignment and more importantly, keep them there. By getting back in alignment you not only eliminate all pain and physical limitations in the body you in one go, you improve the functionality of your internal systems and create a sense of wellbeing in your body. It is a that simple. Based on you your current posture we give you an easy, gentle Personalised Posture Program putting you back in alignment within 4 weeks.  The whole process is simple, quick, logical and can be done entirely on our site in the comfort of your own home. Check out our Testimonials page to see the results we get.

The Pain Free Postural Therapy process is simple.

Part 1 – Personalised Postural Program $99

  • Create your Account.
  • Upload 4 relaxed ‘Static Posture Photos’ for Postural Analysis (Front, Back, Left & Right Side Views) Ensure we can see your shoulders, hips, ankles and feet. i.e. Shorts/tights above knees, tight fitting contrasting coloured singlet/tee and no shoes or socks. Ensure the photos are level, well lit and accurate to your current posture. Please be assured your photos are encrypted and only visible to your Therapist.
  • Indicate on our Pain Indicator where you are in pain and/or feel limitations
  • Tell us, in detail, about any Pain and or Physical Limitations you have
  • Choose between a 20, 30 or 40 minute daily program, dependent on your time constraints.
  • Within 24hrs we will; Analyse, Diagnose and design your Personalised Postural Program of gentle exercises/stretches, designed to put your body back into its perfect alignment, thus eliminating all pain in your body.
  • Complete this Personlised Program daily, for 4 weeks.

Part 2 –  Postural Maintenance Program $99

  • After those 4 weeks, graduate to our Postural Maintenance Program. A simple, easy, fun, 8-minute Program, to keep your body in perfect alignment until the day you die.
  • If you are currently experiencing no pain or limitation you may still be out of alignment and the effects have yet to be felt. Head straight for our  Postural Maintenance Program for the easiest way to ensure you are in alignment and maintain it that way.

Get your Analysis, Diagnosis and Personalised Postural Program today!