“never had the pain relief that the Personalised Program from Pain Free Postural Therapy gave me.” read more

Will Peters – Thoracic (Upper Back) Pain

“I was told I needed a double knee replacement. I’d tried everything….. read more

Paul Smith – Knee Replacement

After a year of pain in my left shoulder and various treatments to ease the pain read more

Melina Yaffa – Shoulder Impingement

Results have been almost unbelievable. read more

Justin Bell – Sciatica Back Pain

“I was suffering constant lower back pain which was impacting severely on every aspect of my day-to-day life” read more

Anonymous – Bad back

I’ve experienced chronic neck and back pain for years. I’m 6’7″ with a rubbish posture. read more

Lee Morley – Bad Neck and Back

“Having suffered with lower back pain throughout the early stages of my pregnancy..” read more

Laura Morley – Pregnancy Bad back

“I had a very painful shoulder for 1.5 years, I was having trouble sleeping due to the amount of pain. read more

Helen Van der Meulen – Joint Replacement

“I suffered a bulging disc for about 9 months and went to numerous acclaimed physios and osteos and spending thousands. read more

Jason Moffat – Bad Back

“I have struggled for a long time with neck and back pain after years of contact sports. read more

Gareth Morton- Bad Back

“Just want to thank Wade from Pain Free Postural Therapy, everything made complete read more

Sharon Marsh- Mum to 13yo Ben

I had lived with constant neck and heel pain for years and as a sports trainer kept doing read more

Jacinta Jacobs- Plantar Fasciitis

I had a full Postural Analysis and Therapy Session with Pain Free Postural Therapy as read more

Matthew Williams – Elite Sports Performance

I am 39 years old and due to a chronic hip problem, that I have had for 15 years, I was read more

Luke Callen – Hip Replacement Cancelled

Four weeks post starting and I’m feeling great. I have been able to relieve my lower back pain read more

Nicola Atherton – Bad Back/Shoulders