Personalised Postural Program

The Personalised Postural Program is designed to put years of poor posture back into perfect alignment in 4 weeks or less. Our Postural Alignment Specialists will; Analyse your current posture, diagnose any deviations in alignment, relate them to your symptoms and prescribe you a tailor made Program of simple stretches and exercises designed to get your body back to its perfectly designed state. This will not only free you of chronic pain but revitalise your internal systems. Once you have completed this 4 week program graduate to our simple, easy, 8min per day Maintenance Program designed to keep you in perfect alignment until the day you die.

To get your Personlised Program the process is simple.

Personalised Postural Program $99

  • Begin by creating your Account by clicking on ‘Get My Personal Program’ button below .
  • Upload 4 relaxed ‘Static Posture Photos’ for Postural Analysis (Front, Back, Left & Right Side Views) Ensure we can see your shoulders, hips, ankles and feet. i.e. Shorts/tights above knees, tight fitting contrasting coloured singlet/tee and no shoes or socks. Ensure the photos are level, well lit and accurate to your current posture. Please be assured your photos are encrypted and only visible to your Therapist.
  • Indicate on our Pain Indicator where you are in pain and/or feel limitations
  • Tell us in details about any Pain and or Physical Limitations you have
  • Choose between a 20, 30 or 40 minute daily program, dependent on your time constraints.
  • Within 24hrs we will; Analyse, Diagnose and design your Personalised Postural Program of gentle exercises/stretches, designed to put your body back into its perfect alignment, thus eliminating all pain in your body.
  • Complete this Personlised Program daily, for 4 weeks before graduating to our Maintenance Program.

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