What, exactly, is Postural Therapy?

Outside of disease 99.9% of Pain in the body is due to misalignment, as it loses its designed posture. The human body is designed to move, pain free……..until the day you die! However, with most of society becoming more and more sedentary, the body begins to develop musculoskeletal dysfunctions and compensations. Put simple we ‘teach’ our muscles to either switch off completely or pull our skeleton out of alignment and keep it there. When this is present, pain and injury set in or are lurking right around the corner. For example; A sore lower back generally comes from our pelvis being pulled forward, forcing the vertebrae in our lower back upwards and tilted back, squashing the discs in between. Those disks bulge and we get pain. Squash them enough and they’ll hit your Sciatic Nerve, BANG! shooting pain down your butt and leg and your are off your feet. How to treat that? Massage? Acupuncture? Chiro? Physio? Surgery? little to temporary relief. Whats pulling your Pelvis forward? YOUR MUSCLES! in specific, your tight hip flexors (let me guess you sit down all day??) Ok how about this lets, lets teach your hip flexors to relax and reengage all those song leg muscles, allowing your pelvis to drop back to neutral and stop squashing those poor little discs in your spine. Hey presto, relief! Its the same for every part of your body. Unless there is disease present no one should have joint replacement, arthritis, sore backs etc etc EVER! Its NOT NORMAL! The body is an amazing machine. Put it back and keep it in its designed place and you will NEVER have a problem. Using the practices developed by Pete Egoscue and the Egoscue Method, Pain Free Posture Therapy restores the body back to its designed posture, alleviating all pain and returning you back to an active, pain free lifestyle.

How is Postural Therapy different to Surgery, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths or Masseuses?

Most therapies are designed for temporary relief. You feel better immediately after but pretty soon your body will put it itself back where it was and the pain will return. Great for Therapists not so great for Clients! Its a medical fact that only muscles move bones and keep them there. Postural Therapy teaches your muscles to move and hold your bones and nerves in their correct place. When your body is alignment it can move fluidly, without wearing down cartilage, bones, pinching nerves, disks or tearing muscles and ligaments. It puts your body back in perfect alignment and more importantly keeps your there. You should be moving pain free and without limitations until the day you die!

How does Postural Therapy work?

We use a series of gentle muscle activations/stretches tailored specifically to return the musculoskeletal balance and symmetry back to your body. It’s no secret that muscles move bones. If your body has lost its designed posture, it’s because muscles have moved your bones into a new, dysfunctional position. Pain is the body’s way of alerting you to the fact that your body isn’t aligned, and therefore isn’t moving, properly. Through our process, your muscles will be reeducated, being reminded how they need to be functioning in order to maintain proper alignment.

What sort of things do you treat?

We particularly specialise in the major joints; Spine, Knees, Hips and Shoulders but we treat any sort of pain, and/or movement limitation, in the body. We treat those in, including but not limited to; Neck pain (cervical spine), tight traps, sore shoulders, bursitiis, impingement, rotator cuff, shoulder replacement, upper back pain (thoracic spine), elbow, wrist and finger pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal, lower back (lumbar spine) bulging discs, sciatica, kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis, weak core, hip pain, hip replacement, tight hamstrings/calves, knee replacement, cartilage damage, meniscus tears, valgus stress (knock knees) varus stress (bow legged) shin splints, achilles pain, ankle pain, mobility, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, migraines, headaches, vertigo, and general poor balance. For athletes wanting high performance, or recovering from injury, we ensure their bodies are free of movement limitations so they are firing at 100%. Postural Therapy also enhances your digestive system (not squashing your digestive tract) your respiratory system (not squashing your diaphram) and your  lymphatic system (aiding circulation of fluids). As a bonus of the therapy you feel and look a whole lot better! Whether you are in pain, have movement restrictions or just want you body in its perfectly designed, balanced state, Postural Therapy is the only answer.

What is the Therapy process?

There are two parts to the process and they can be either be done in our clinic or can be done entirely online from your mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

Part 1; Realignment. Your Personalised Program. Designed to get you back in perfect alignment and pain free in 4 weeks max. Firstly you submit 4 static photos(front/back/left/right) Tell us about your pain and or physical limitations in detail and then choose the time you are able commit per day to do you Personalised Program. From there, one of our Postural Therapist Specialists will; analyse your posture, diagnose and relate the postural deviations to your symptoms/limitations and then prescribe you your Personalised Program. This Program is designed to do daily in the comfort of your own home, for 4 weeks, with no expensive equipment required.

Part 2; Maintaining your Alignment. Graduate to our Postural Maintenance Program. A simple 8 minute per day easy, fun program that keeps your in perfect alignment. From there most clients ‘check in’ for an updated Personal Program every 6 months just to keep on track or of course if any new problems arise.

How much does it cost?

Your Personalised Program is $99. Once you completed it for 4 weeks or are pain free for a week you graduate to our Postural Maintenance Program which is $99.So all in all, its $198. $98 to be completely Pain Free and moving without limitations! No more repetitive, expensive therapies that give you temporary or no relief. Postural Therapy treats the cause of the pain not the Symptom. Realigning your body not only ensures you’re pain free but your organs are firing on all cylinders leaving you feeling fantastic!

Is all Therapy done online or is their a Clinic?

We now do ALL our Therapy Online. This allows us to treat clients all over the World without them leaving home. It takes about 5 minutes on your phone, tablet or computer to submit for a Personalised Program. Our Certified Therapists will analyse your deviations in alignment, work out why thats leading to your pain and/or movement limitations and prescribe you an easy Personalised Program. This program is designed to put your musculoskeletal system including your nerves back in alignment freeing you from pain and limitations.

How is it possible to do all my Postural Therapy online?

Postural Therapy looks for deviations away from perfect posture. From your photos, its easy for our Postural Analyst to see any dysfunctions or compensations and interpret why they are you causing pain or limitations. From there, they will prescribe a Personalised Program to realign your body back into its perfectly designed balanced state. In addition they will provide you with a video demonstration of your program which talks you through everything you need to be doing for reach exercise/stretch. You’re getting the full service of the clinic without having to physically come in.

How difficult will my Program be?

We call the exercises and stretches in our programs ‘no sweats’. All of them are easy and simple to perform. In addition to that, we take into account your individual circumstances and restrictions to tailor the program specifically to your needs. A lot of our clients comment that they can’t believe a program so easy has so much affect on realigning their body and giving them pain relief. Remember, we are simply teaching your muscles how to move your skeleton properly so that there is room for everything to work as nature intended. Just how you were designed to be!

How long will it take for me to see results/feel better?

That depends on three things. How out of alignment you are, how much time you can commit to your program and how disciplined you are are in completing it. In saying that most clients feel better after day one and within four weeks have graduated to our Postural Maintenance Program. Some clients with severe Postural misalignment take two months before moving on to our Postural Maintenance Program

How often do I need to do my program?

Daily. Some clients choose to do their program more than once per day, but for the majority, once is enough. It is designed to systematically and methodically chip away at your dysfunctions and compensations. We have to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day! By doing your program daily, you are giving your body the positive stimuli that it needs, restoring proper alignment, and eliminating pain! Remember its really no use attacking any form of activity without being straight and level. Adding to that is the fact that a lot of clients use their therapy time to mediatte, relax, replace yoga and gain more energy to tackle what ever their heart desires.

Why do I choose how long my daily program goes for?

There is no point prescribing a program you will not be able to commit to. To ensure you get the benefits of the Therapy our Postural Alignment Specialists will only prescribe a program length you can commit to. How long you can commit per day will shorten or lengthen the course of your therapy. For e.g. for someone with Sciatica; the client that can commit 40min per day will experience pain relief quicker than the client that has 20 minutes per day only. Please only choose the length of time you are willing to commit per day for the duration of your program.

Is it normal to feel sore after doing my program?

Soreness is normal and can be a good thing. We call this “muscle awakening” and should diminish the more times you do your menu as your muscles adapt and adjust to the new work. Keep in mind that we view soreness different than pain. If you are experiencing true pain be sure to let your therapist know so any necessary menu adjustments can be made.

Where is the Program I purchased?

Your Personalised programs are available on your My Account Page. You can access your ‘My Account’ page form anywhere in the world by logging into your account. The Maintenance Program is available on the Maintenance Program pages. Once you have purchased the program and are logged in heard back to the Maintenance Program Page and access will be available. Any attempts to copy, share or download our programs, in any way, are a breach of our copyright and and will be prosecuted accordingly.

Do I need to purchase expensive equipment?

No. Your whole program can be done in the comfort of your own. Some of the stretches/exercises will require basic household items like your couch, a chair, a cushion or some towels.

Is it covered by insurance?

Currently no although some Private insurances will allow it on extras cover or on Chronic Pain Management Programs (CPM).  Please talk to your Private Health Insurance to see if this is applicable to you.